LOGIC ONE is an automation company helping plastic molders
maximize the efficiency of gantry robots.  We have a highly
qualified team of robot experts, with a focus on helping you

•  Faster speeds
•  Better uptime
•  Easier product change-overs
•  Parts & repair for Hybrid, Electric & Servo Robots

LOGIC ONE provides full service for many types of robots:

XL & XTL Pickers                          STL & STM Pickers
AAL & AAM Series                         STL & STM Series
Titan EL & II Robots                      Pressflow Robots
Phaser & Interceptor                     Pulsar & Meteor Robots
Sytrama E, F & G Series               Apex Pickers & Robots
Bosch Servo Robots

Logic One provides service for various brands of robots,
such as:

AEC: AAM/L/R, AST, Titan EL, Interceptor, Phaser, XLT, and Bosch-Servo robots.

Sterling: STM/L/R, SAT, Apex, Titan II & III, Meteor, Pulsar, STR/SEL, Titan XL robots.

Sytrama: RSV, AE, SA models; E/F/G-Series

Application Automation

Sterltech Robots

Mark 2 Automation

Ventax Robot Systems

AAC Automated-Assemblies

Paxon Automation

Cincinnati Milacron

Logic One is your expert for Sytrama robots.  With support from our expert engineers we will
continue to provide excellent service on old and new Sytrama robots.  And we will continue to
provide spare parts and programming and training when required.

We can provide hard to find parts that are obsolete, troubleshoot difficult control problems, and
provide custom programming for various PC & PLC controls and touchscreen displays.  We also
service Wittmann, Automated-Assemblies, Ventax, Ranger and Mark II robots.  Allow LOGIC
ONE to be your technical experts while you focus on customers and making a profit.

PHONE: 630-543-3383
EMAIL:  logicone@att.net
FAX:      630-834-4545